Landscaping and stakeholder insights

Holistic Market Insights

  • Extensively inform clinical and commercial development of your new product
  • Patient journey, indications prioritization, identification of relevant CT endpoints, TPP optimization
  • G·360™ offers an integrated view of all stakeholders using an iterative approach, in one single move

Patient Centric Insights

  • Putting the patient voice at the heart of what you do
  • Observational and interactive methods mapping patient experiences, treatment pathways, ethnography
  • P·Board™ provides an invaluable telescope on disease burden, emotional impact, unmet needs, treatment expectations and patient preferences

Business Development Insights

  • Helping you make confident decisions with quick turnaround
  • Mixed qualitative-quantitative / multi-stakeholders for a holistic view (Advisory Board, TPP Testing, Demand Study, Pricing, etc.)
  • Easy access to key stakeholders with our proprietary panel of HCPs, KOLs and Payers
  • Agility with in-house programming and analytics for optimal set-up and analysis.

From discovery and development through to re-positioning and patent expiry strategies, Genactis will select the optimal tools and methods for your specific business questions.

Market modelling and forecasting

Flexible Market Sizing

  • Well-informed investment decisions in evolving markets
  • Flexi·Sizing™ offers statistically rigorous and agile methods
  • Robust extrapolations based on state-of-the-art statistical methods
  • Accurate sizing of opportunities

Realistic Product Forecasting

  • Superior product strategy in complex markets
  • Simple and complex conjoint models, linkage algorithms, market simulators including primary and secondary data
  • Market·Sense™ offers a bespoke approach to simulating complex and uncertain future markets
  • Smarter adjustments for more accurate, agile and realistic predictions

Actionable Customer Segmentation

  • Optimized marketing, communication and sales strategy
  • HCP and Patient segmentation and targeting using various statistical methods
  • S·Link™ offers a unique, adaptative, fully integrated and cost-effective HCP-Patient segmentation

Brand strategy and performance tracking

Positioning and Brand Equity

  • Shaping a winning brand strategy and growing your brand
  • G·Conquest™ helps you build offensive and defensive brand strategies that address global and local challenges
  • Brand·Map™ delivers vital insights to close the gap between what your audience thinks and where you want your brand to be

ATU Study and Recall Test

  • Bespoke brand performance monitoring to best adjust sales force tactics
  • KPIs tracking (Awareness, Trial, Usage, Loyalty and how it compares against competitors…)
  • Scorecards delivering online real-time KPIs and dashboards fully tailored to your needs

Patient Chart Audit

  • Reliable and meaningful insights to optimize your brand strategy
  • Closely monitor the uptake and usage of your product
  • Identify new trends
  • Interactive Data Analysers offering deep exploration of the data

Real-life insights and registries

Chart Reviews and Registries

  • Advanced biostatistical analyses of real patient data
  • Support design of clinical trials
  • Support clinical decisions and EMEA filings


  • Qualitative real-world insights
  • Patient diaries and bulletin boards

What our clients and physicians say about us

Thank you very much for the excellent work on pulling together a rapid and robust quant Market Research– this work will allow us to deliver to the markets 1 month ahead of schedule taking into account critical customer insights. Great working with you.

Global Brand Manager, Oncology

We conducted together a couple of big projects on Rare Diseases involving patients, physicians, KOLs and Payers. The success of the different projects was based on the flexibility and the agility of Genactis: as we knew nothing on the diseases and sometimes not even on the specialties involved! At every step, they had to adapt, be creative, solve issues… The Genactis team did a really good job!

Market and Customer Insights Senior Manager

Thank you for the quality of the deliverables! Your insights were of great support for our internal discussions and to optimize our forecast model. We closed our workshop by the development of a SWOT analysis, which included all the elements you identified in your conclusions.

Global Market Analytics Manager

The Genactis team did a fantastic job. They worked with our senior stakeholders as true partners and as another team member. They understood the problem and provided recommendations to the team. We look forward to collaborate with Genactis team again.

Cross-Portfolio Insight Lead

Genactis established itself as a trusted partner to the team with high-quality deliverables, scientific focus, and great project management skills. I could rely on the team and delegate the work with confidence. I would like to thank you and your team for your commitment and the great cooperation!

Medical Director, Oncology

Thanks to the Genactis team for this crisp and thorough presentation and for accurate and close-to-real world market sizing data

Business Analyst, New Products

It was a pleasure completing the study as I thought it was well designed and relevant to clinical practice. Yes, I will be certainly interested in participating again. The format is very well constructed and thus easier for clinicians to provide data

Hematologist, Spain

Interesting study, in the form of interactive patient-cases with very intuitive multiple-choice questions /drop-down menus, with relevant medical information. And a very pleasant interface!

Oncologist, France

The study is clearly laid out and easy to understand. There are no unclear questions or instructions. The dashboard and the data transmission are working properly. I would like to participate to the next waves of this study.

Onco-Haematologist, Germany

Our client partnerships

Having built long-standing partnerships with major global pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies, we understand what it takes to deliver excellence.